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The seven points for LED flexible neon strip installation and daily use

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The seven points for LED light strip installation and daily use are as follows:
1. LED flexible light strip is an electronic precision product. Do not apply force to the product during storage, handling or shipping. Please take care when disassembling it. LED products are very sensitive to static electricity. Please pay attention to prevent static electricity during installation and use. Do not use nails or sharps to press and hold the LED surface.

2. If the DIY design is not installed by yourself, please install it by qualified technicians to prevent electric shock and short circuit.

3. Do not connect the LED light strip directly to 110V or 220V. Otherwise, the light bar will be burnt out. The light bar must be powered by a separate power supply. The power supply selection depends on the total power of the light bar and the connection length. Typically power > RGB controller (amplifier) > light bar. Monochrome does not require a controller. Power supply selection: The total power of the LED strip cannot exceed 70% of the power rating of the power supply to ensure the life of the power supply.

4. When the product is installed, the bend should be avoided just in the position of the LED or other components, so as not to cause the components to fall off and damage the product. Do not remove the surface adhesive tape when installing in advance, and compare the length position before installing. The mounting surface must be smooth, smooth, free of oil, dirt, and the surface is too rough. The unevenness will affect the adhesion and cause the product to fall off.

5. It is strongly recommended that the LED light strip be a unit of 5 meters, with the first and last positive and negative and connected to the electric mode, and the power is connected every 5 meters. This method can ensure the brightness of the LED is uniform and the stability is good.

6. LED colorful RGB light strips need to be equipped with controllers and amplifiers. Confirm the layout and direction of the circuit before use to ensure that the controller and amplifier are installed properly. Do not connect the red, green and blue signal lines to the black positive electrode. The sequence is reversed, otherwise the controller will be burned. The power and controller power should be selected in the order of power > RGB controller (amplifier) > light bar. Please check the line carefully after installation. Remember! Turn on the power. The scope of use of the controller must be well ventilated and dry, so as not to affect the heat dissipation. If the controller is installed outdoors, it must be equipped with a waterproof electric box.

7. If the mounting surface is metal or conductive material, a layer of insulating material must be applied prior to installation.


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