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Store Neon Signs

Store Neon Signs

LED neon signage is a popular element in signs because it is colorful, attention-getting, and can be used in an endless variety of configurations to create a highly visual, memorable business sign.  With the bright colors of LED neon, customers notice your signs, day or night.

This is flex LED neon sign, flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside tubes look like vintage glass neon sign. Flex LED neon sign is safe, non-frangible. It's better choice for large text and logo. neon sign is frangible, but is more flexible and better bending for small text logo. If you are looking for neon sing, please visit our store or contact us.

This flex led neon sign is install on clear acrylic sheet. It's hand crafted artist. You could custom for any bigger size, any color.


- Low voltage operated(DC 12V)
- Indoor & outdoor use.
- Power transformer included.

- Installation accessories included.
- non-fragile than vintage glass neon tube.
- 1 year warranty.
- 50,000 hours lifetime

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